Half-Ton Mako Shark Caught In N.J.


The fishing world has been rattled recently with the catch of a massive 926-pound mako shark caught 100 miles off the coast of New Jersey in the famed Hudson Canyon.

The oversize shark (which is highly prized for its gamefish fighting abilities and good table fare, too), was weighted at the well-known coastal fishing village of Brielle, N.J.

Mako sharks are close-kin to great white sharks, though they don’t reach as massive size. But makos are extremely aggressive, lightning quick, and very prone to attacking boats, anglers and about anything else that gets in their way.

They’ve commonly been documented biting boats, while being caught, and when still in the water and fighting anglers who have hooked them.

It took over two hours to boat the 926-pounder, and Capt. Kevin Gerrity didn’t think they would prevail over the massive, toothy predator.

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