Jaxman X1S Flashlight Review


Jaxman X1S Flashlight Review

The Jaxman X1S is a hand held flashlight that can use either a single 26650 or 18650 battery. It is available in two different versions, a flood or throw beam. The beam is not adjustable. The model I was sent for testing was the throw version.

Overall, I found the Jaxman X1S to have a great beam and have a good solid feel to it. However, there are some reservations discussed later in the review.


Weights and measurements are from my personal test sample.

  • Available in cool, neutral and warm white.
  • Uses either a single 26650 or single 18650 battery.
  • Low: 130 lumens, 10 hours estimated run time.
  • Medium: 500 lumens, 3 hours estimated run time.
  • High: 1,300 lumens, 1.25 hours estimated run time.
  • Strobe: 1,300 lumens.
  • Weight, empty: 11.45 ounces.
  • Weight, with 26650 battery: 14.80 ounces.
  • Length: 6 3/8 inches.
  • Bezel diameter: 2 5/16
  • Tail cap diameter: 1 7/16

The 26650 battery that came with the X1S did not have a brand name on it. I was not even sure of the battery was rechargeable.

This was printed on the side of the battery, “Do not charge except specified charging condition.”  Well, what exactly is a “specified charging condition”?


Due to the shape of the flashlight and the bezel being so much larger than the body, I was unable to run it over with a tractor or truck. The main body of the flashlight would have been unsupported and applying thousands of pounds to the light would have bent the body.

The Jaxman X1S was subjected to two tests, drop and submersion.

Drop test involves holding the flashlight about 4 feet above a railroad cross tie and dropping at at various angles on the tail cap, side and bezel. During the drop tests, the Jaxman X1S did not flicker and worked perfectly afterwards.

Before the submersion test, the tail cap o-ring was coated with CLP gun oil.

Submersion tests involved tying the Jaxman X1S to a piece of cord, tying the other end to a tree, then tossing the flashlight into a creek. Thirty minutes later the flashlight was retrieved and there was no water inside the bezel or body.

Jaxman X1S Performance

On/off switch is in the tail cap.

To change the brightness, gently push the on/off switch to cycle through the settings. When you see the brightness you want, push the button to turn the flashlight on with that setting. Brightness setting can not be adjusted with the flashlight on. If you want to change setting, the flashlight has to be turned off, cycle through the settings, then turned back on.

Or, quickly turn the flashlight on and off to cycle through the brightness settings.

The beam is wonderful. Once again, the Jaxman X1S is available in a throw and flood model. I believe my model was the throw version, as there were no markings on the box.

Jaxman X1S review

Walking around the farm at night, I was able to see to the top of the tallest pine tree. Some of the trees around here can reach 100 feet tall.

The outer cone has around a 45 degree spread. Meaning, if you put the edge of the outer cone directly in front of you, the other edge will be around 45 degrees to the side.

Center cone was very well defined.


Final Thoughts

I like the Jaxman X1S. Even with the on/off being awkward, the beam is wonderful. However, If the brightness settings were easier to change, this would be a great flashlight.

To use an 18650 battery, place the battery inside the included sleeve, then place the sleeve and battery into the flashlight. The 18650 battery fits rather loose inside the sleeve and has some wobble.

Battery needs some kind of brand name. If the battery is rechargeable, it needs to clearly say so on the side.

The flashlight does not have a memory of the last setting used. Pushing the on/off button results in the flashlight cycling through the brightness settings.

Even though the X1S has three brightness settings, selecting the settings is so awkward that I am just using the default setting, which is 1,300 lumens.

Final score is around 8.5.


Full disclosure

I received the Jaxman X1S at no cost to myself. This does not affect my opinion has the flashlight is ran through various tests. Each test affects the final score.


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