Watch: Survival Lilly’s Survival Knife Collection


Watch: Survival Lilly’s Survival Knife Collection

What’s better than a chick with a knife who knows how to use it? Lilly and her 6 survival knives (plus a hatchet), that’s what!

If you’ve ever seen her videos, you know she is not easy on her tools, and she’s not shy about telling us which ones have a “crappy” sheath, etc.

Here, she gathers some of her cutting tools together to give us a quick rundown and let us know which ones suck and which ones don’t.

Brands include Boker, Diving Sparrow, Kellam, Cold Steel, and Mora.

I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed hearing Lilly say, “I’ve gutted a lot of deer with it.”

Let’s watch!

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