Watch: Tie a Bowline Knot in Less than One Second


Watch: Tie a Bowline Knot in Less than One Second

I’ve tied a passel of knots in my life, and the bowline is one of my favorites, and I can tie one fairly quickly, but nothing like as fast as this guy! He calls this version a “tugboat bowline.”

He stands with arms spread and one foot on the rope, and with a quick flip & jerk he’s got a useful knot and a loop in the end of the line.

This could be extremely helpful if someone falls overboard or there’s some other situation when you need a loop in the end of a rope RIGHT NOW.

This dog is less impressed; I think he’s seen it before.

He shows it to us twice, and we do get to see it in slow motion. I can tell you right now, I’m going to be watching it another dozen or so times to make sure I get it right, because I really want to add this to my inventory of useful knots.


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