A Glock in the Pocket, Worth Two in the Safe.


A Glock in the Pocket, Worth Two in the Safe.

Situational awareness can suddenly become reality. Going out my front door recently to walk my dog at 7am, I immediately spotted a strange pickup truck parked two houses down the street. This was a work day during the week, most were gone to work. We normally have a nice quiet, secure neighborhood, but one where lots of valued property resides.

It was clearly evident that two men sat in the truck. It was a plain white Dodge truck with no business markings or signage on the vehicle. As I walked down the sidewalk trying to act unaware, neither of the men were looked my way. I stared just enough to let’s say be able to recognize them if it came to that. At the end of my property, I turned and walked back to the house.

I unleashed the dog, filled his bowls with food and water and went back to the front door. I could not see the truck out my front door windows, so I walked back out on the porch in full view. The truck was gone. That quick, the vehicle disappeared. What would you say I should have done?

Admittedly I did not react fast enough, which is part of the several points I hope to make with this real example. If I was at all suspect (see something, do something) then I should have called 9-1-1 immediately to report the strange vehicle. Might I thought of it, I could have walked further down the street to view the vehicle’s license plate. It would not have been smart to ask what they were doing. I was not armed even though I possess a concealed permit. That is now a behavior I am altering.

So? My mind scanned a lot of thoughts. A tele-communications company had been working the neighborhood installing new cable. All those workers were Mexicans, but all their vehicles were duly marked with the company name. They were never working before 8am. This vehicle was not related to that work. So, who were they, what were they doing there?

In afterthought, I certainly should have called the police for a patrol. Armed or not, it is not a good idea to confront somebody like this. However, it is prudent these days to be prepared to defend one’s self if you are approached, confronted or threatened.

The aspect I have changed now is to carry my Glock 43, loaded, in my DeSantis Nemesis soft sided pocket holster whenever I am outside or walking in the neighborhood. What a sad state of affairs we have come to. That is just part of the prep in prepper.

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