Spomer and Towsley – Two of the Best


Spomer and Towsley – Two of the Best

Who are your favorite outdoor writers? We all have our own bests and I suspect there is a gap between generations of readers that have scoured the paper pages of outdoor magazines since waiting on a wooden bench for a hometown haircut. After all, as a kid allthe good outdoor magazines of the day were found at the local barbershops. Things are different today.

Today, a lot of outdoor news is found via an iPhone, tablet, or some other electronic device. Even desktop computers are becoming passé for reading news and stories of hunting, guns, fishing, dog training, and the best places on earth to do it all. But, of course we can still read great outdoor stories and get up-to-date outdoors information right here at Alloutdoor.com.

Time has marched on though and some of our favorite outdoor magazines have closed shop. Many of the old classic outdoor writers have passed on, retired, or moved on to other ventures. Remember the likes of Jack O’Connor, John Wooters, Byron Dalrymple, Skeeter Skelton, Jeff Cooper, and others like Roosevelt, Askins, Adams, Swiggett, Zutz, Weishuhn, and so many more.

To my likes for decades now includes the tales by Ron Spomer and Bryce Towsley. In many ways these two guys are complete opposites. Spomer is the quintessential western big game hunter, though he does it all. Towsley is the classic reflection of the big timber Eastern woods hunter yet he too, hunts all over the world.

Spomer can be seen often hosting hunting shows on television. His writing regimen would be difficult to duplicate. Towsley paints the pages of numerous outdoor publications and produces a regular supply of books, as well.

Bryce is the rougher cut character from Vermont. He might remind one of an eastern Paul Bunyan, burley, heavy bearded, and wearing thick flannel, in the winter. Spomer is a sharp clip right out of the pages of Orvis, or Eddie Bauer. In contrast, Towsley is clearly an L.L. Bean man.

Both are experts at hunting rifles, optics and ammunition. Spomer would be at home with a custom shop bolt from Kimber or Montana Rifle. Towsley would most likely be seen carrying a Savage 99 lever action, or a Remington pump rifle in .35 Whelen.

Their writing is always spot on, exciting to read, enjoyable and informative. I have shared camps with Towsley and met Spomer at the SHOT Show. Both are personable, friendly, and the kind of guys we need to keep writing outdoor tales for a long, long time.

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