Smith and Wesson’s New 360 J-Frame


Smith and Wesson’s New 360 J-Frame

The new Smith and Wesson Model 360 might be described as a long lost brother to the elder Model 36. Though born of the same parentage, something happened to the later generations of the genetics. What has come out of the Smith factory is a hyper-36 upgraded into the new 360. The main change is the 360’s cylinder tubes hold the .357 Magnum rounds.

However, don’t be confused here. The new Smith Model 360 is built on the J-frame, same as the .38 Special Model 36. The idea here was still to create a very lightweight, pocket revolver for personal defense and concealed carry, but with a little more firepower. The 360 is that for sure.

Fashioned from a scandium alloy frame, the 360 has an unfluted stainless steel cylinder for the .357 Magnum. It features a dark earth color combat grip to offset the gun’s non-traditional black finish for a Smith revolver. With J-frame construct, the 360 is definitely well suited as a concealed carry or pocket handgun.

The Model 360 only weighs in at 14.9 ounces empty. It’s double action capable, but can also be cocked and fired in the single action mode as desired by the shooter. The cylinder holds 5 rounds just like the Model 36, but with the longer .357 cartridge on board. The front sight is a ramp design with a red insert for quick sighting acquisition even in low light. The top of the frame is grooved to enhance the sighting plane down the frame and over the barrel.

Given the overall weight and power capability of the .357 Magnum (or .38 Specials for practice) the Model 360 should definitely become popular quickly for personal protection, concealed carry, vehicle carry, and would even prove handy in a tackle box, or hunting vest.

Complete details and more information can be gleaned at the Smith and Wesson official web site at Smith has begun shipping the new Model 360 so look for it now on dealer’s shelves, or ask them to custom order one from the factory or distributor.

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