Meet Beka Garris, Bowfisher and Huntress


Meet Beka Garris, Bowfisher and Huntress

I’ve been following a young lady named Beka Garris on Facebook for a while now. She’s just a regular country gal who likes to go out and stab fish with arrows, and what could possibly be wrong with that?

Bowfishing isn’t her only passion; she also loves to hunt. And not only is she not afraid to hunt long and hard, she’s more than willing to get bloody in the process.

All this to say, if you’re a hunter or fisher you might want to check out her Facebook page. If you’re not interested in seeing photos of dead deer, dead bears, dead fish sometimes stacked like cordwood, and a young lady in cutoffs and a bikini top, don’t bother.

I am an avid outdoors woman, obsessed with bowhunting, bowfishing, and all things archery. – Beka Garris

Here’s a recent post, which I enjoyed so much I decided I had to share it with you folks. Hunting is an honorable way of life, and it’s refreshing to see a young lady like this carrying on the tradition — and doing so in a pretty popular way (she has more than 116,000 Facebook followers).

Growing up in a big family, we didn’t have a lot of money. Buying beef from the store every week was simply unheard of. My dad would hunt every weekend from the beginning of deer season to the end of deer season and fill as many tags as he could. Does or bucks, whichever he had a tag for…that’s what he shot. It wasn’t about antlers or bragging rights, it was about putting food on the table.

I started butchering deer around the age of 10. It wasn’t gross to me….it was just how we got our meat. Many weekends over the winter our kitchen counter would be covered with blood and fresh venison. Nothing was wasted, and we had enough red meat to last until the next season.

Now, I can afford to buy beef every week if I want. But it just can’t compare to shooting a whitetail and butchering it on the kitchen counter to the hum of the meat grinder.

(Image: Beka Garris)
(Image: Beka Garris)

From another recent post:

Eat meat. Wear fur. Apologize to no one.

Amen! And thank Heaven for folks like Beka Garris.

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