Hands-on: Remington Custom Shop Model 40-X Pistol in .300 Blackout


I spent this week at Gunsite shooting a bunch of Remington’s current and upcoming lineup of guns, and one of the more interesting guns I shot was the pistol pictured above. Built by the Remington Custom Shop and based on the Model 40-X platform—which is itself based on the venerable Model 700 action—this gun sports a carbon fiber bull barrel and a pistol optic from Leupold.

I rested the gun on bags and was very easily hitting the steel downrange at 300 yards. Recoil was super low, and it had a fantastic trigger and was overall very fun to shoot.

However, I am definitely not the target market for this. Despite the carbon fiber barrel, it’s heavy. And I’m just not one for trying to line up a shot through a pistol-mounted scope. So as cool as this was, my main reaction to it was, “I’ll take one in a carbine size with a proper stock, please.”

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