Three Ways to Help During a Disaster


Three Ways to Help During a Disaster

Every time a disaster strikes, such as Hurricane Harvey, there are four types types of people who show up. Depending on what group you are in, determines whether you are helping or hurting the situation.

The title of the article is three ways to help, but there are four groups? That is because one group is looters. We all know looters do not help the situation.

When a group of people were kicked in the balls, there will be another group waiting in the wings to make the situation worse. That is what looters do. They exploit misery for their own personal gain.

So, what are the three ways to help?


Step up and help; help yourself and those around you.

Check on the neighbors, cook for others, offer a helping hand, work the food lines, and clear debris off the streets.

Do something besides sit on your hands.

It may not always be possible for outside volunteers to reach your location. So, it is important to help those around you, and help yourself.


Donate whatever you are able to. Sometimes, so many clothes are donated, donation stations stop taking them. Check with the donation stations before showing up with a truckload of stuff.

If able, there is always donating money to a charity.

After Hurricane Harvey, volunteers were coming in from all over the United States to volunteer. This showed the compassion people are capable of.

Stay Out Of The way

Unable to volunteer or donate?  Then stay out of the way. Stay home, get on your phone, play video games, read… what it takes for you to stay off the roads. Besides looters, the next worse people are the ones who ride around looking at the situation.

Driving around uses fuel, fuel that will be in short supply. Every drop of fuel you use, means one less drop for someone trying to help. The less vehicles on the road after a situation, the better.

People who were affected by the disaster do not need you driving around taking pictures. This was a traumatizing event. Using victims as a form of entertainment makes the situation worse.

Final Thoughts

I have been through numerous tropical storms and several hurricanes. After Hurricane Rita, my family and I were without power for 18 days. Hurricane Ike, without power for two days. Hurricane Harvey, no power for just 24 hours, which seemed like a walk in the park.

So far, Hurricane Ike was the worst due to all of the flooding. It looks like Ike will be nothing after the flood waters from Harvey recede.

One thing is for sure, disasters bring out the worst and best in humanity.

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