Magnetospeed Minimag: A 3-round AR Magazine that Fits In Your Grip


Magnetospeed Minimag: A 3-round AR Magazine that Fits In Your Grip

Magnetospeed makes a rather impressive chronograph (see below). While at their SHOT Show booth, I noticed that they also make something else, smaller and less flashy. A rifle pistol grip with internal storage space isn’t new, but their AR15 part comes with a twist, or more precisely, a spring.


Press on the retaining latch at the front of the grip, and a loaded magazine with three rounds of 5.56x45mm (223 Remington) or 7.62x35mm (300 Blackout) pops into your hand. Or, should you want light more than ammo, a small flashlight with 150 lumen bright mode, strobe and signaling sequence capability, and a dim red LED for night navigation without losing adapted night vision. Or you could carry a tiny monopod to aid in precision shooting. Or a dry box, useful not just for the obvious things like matches but also for a clean microfiber cloth for wiping optics.


The first question is why would somebody want a 3-round magazine. Better than nothing, always with the gun and relatively discreet. Although, given the visibility of the casings from the bottom, gray steel or blackened brass would work better than regular brightly polished brass or nickel-plated casings.


When inserted into the magazine well, it it pretty much invisible. Released, it drops free. It can be quite handy for situations where you aren’t supposed to have a loaded weapon but, in your considered judgment, really should.


The magazine may be purchased separately from the grip and stored elsewhere. For example, it would fit certain cigarette packs, or a tool pouches that are “obviously too small to hold a rifle magazine”.


The tiny feeding device weighs next to nothing and could be just the items that turns an awkward club into a functional firearm in a pinch…without any of the observers realizing that. Looks like an excellent stocking stuffer for this year, too. Magnetospeed sells these (and their chronographs) mainly through local stores which you can find with their map.

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