Arm Your Senses


Arm Your Senses

Now that I am retired, I have the time to be nosy. Or at least that is to be more aware of my neighborhood goings on. Where my office sits in my house, I can hear traffic go by on two streets, and making observations through the window blinds has yielded some interesting information. How observant are you about your living and working surroundings?

All of us tend to get so wrapped up in our own little worlds that we often forget to look around our individual or collective situations or even ignore what we might see or pass it off as insignificant. In this day and age with no one being safe anywhere at any time, it pays to pay attention to what is happening around our stations.

Even in “nice” neighborhoods such as the one in which I live, crime sneaks in anyway. Just before last Christmas, two youth came through the area checking on cars in driveways that were unlocked. Besides iPhones, purses, electronics, CDs, packages, medicines, and other items left in unlocked cars, the thieves took 7 handguns. Seven! Did I mention these cars were unlocked in an otherwise secure residential area? How stupid is that?

And carjacking’s are back. Twice this week, people sitting in their cars in the parking lot of a local hospital eating their lunches, were hijacked. The thugs pulled a gun, took the person’s purses, and then stole their cars, leaving them sitting on the ground. I suppose they were lucky they were not murdered on the spot. Could these people sitting in their cars in broad daylight not see anyone approaching their cars? I bet a million they were on their iPhone at the time.

The point of all this being, that not only should we “arm our senses” but remain in that psychological Condition One as much as we can regardless of where we are at any given time.

Just casting a glance around, looking across the parking lot as we leave the store or a restaurant, or walking to the mailbox could prevent an unwelcomed approach or other activity worthy of reporting to authorities.

And also as we arm our senses, the next logical step is arming ourselves. The advanced route is to get your personal protection handgun, attend appropriate training, and then get your Enhanced Carry permit. Practice more, and be ready to keep your senses armed at all times.

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