Warning: Creepy Clown Comeback Predicted


Warning: Creepy Clown Comeback Predicted

Really, what is with these creepy clowns? Several reports last year noted sightings of people dressed as demonic clowns appearing in the oddest places. Some were sighted standing beside the road in rural areas around the country. One was photographed standing at a 4-Way stop intersection. Another walked out of a section of dense forested area along a country roadway.

All apparently just stand there staring. When approached, they retreat or just seemingly disappear. It is creepy. Law enforcement personnel were called out in several past incidents, but by the time they arrived the clown had vanished.

With the release of Stephen King’s new creeper movie “IT” featuring a sewer drain dwelling clown named Pennywise, the resurgence of this clowning around behavior is expected to return again soon. The State of Pennsylvania has apparently already issued public warnings about such activities to alert citizens of potential clown sightings once again.

The clown fever is also being fed by the upcoming Season 7 of the FX series American Horror Story. This spooky series has featured the creepy clown Twisty before, but he is being brought back again this season.

Apparently the full moon new start of the new series of AHS causes a rush in closet clowns to display themselves. They seem to have formed a sort of cult, but unlike Comicon figures of known action figures or individual enthusiast Sci Fi original make ups, the clowns take on a much more sinister characterization. Perhaps this is what “turns on” these seasonal closet clowns to come out. Undoubtedly with Halloween coming soon, that helps as well.

So, what has this to do with the general population, preppers, or survivalists? It is just another opportunity for us to be on our guard of unusual occurrences or strange behaviors in public. It may be an opportunity for the creepy clowns to cloak themselves for the commission of crimes or scary intimidations.

Unsuspecting children may be the main focus of these creeps, so if you have children, they may need some additional discussions about staying away from strangers. They should also be counseled to report any sightings of anything that does not look right to them. This is just common practical sense for everyday life for young children, teenagers, and even adults.

Who knows if there will be clown sightings again, but be on the lookout at all times? If there is any aggressive behaviors demonstrated, report it immediately or return the favor in kind.

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