Heckler & Koch P30L “Tactical” – The Inside Story


Heckler & Koch P30L “Tactical” – The Inside Story

To those who may not be aware, Heckler & Koch P30L Tactical with the threaded barrel actually does not exist. Heckler & Koch Germany sent these to the Canadian distributor in error partly due to their confusing laws on barrel lengths (Pistols which are under Restricted classification need to meet minimum of 106mm (4.173″) barrel length). These are the only matching serial number P30Ls with threaded barrel in existence in the commercial market in the world. It’s only offered in 9mm with the V3 configuration which has the conventional double-action / single-action unit with single-piece hammer and decocker button at the rear of the slide, next to the hammer.

Approximately 24 of these were imported into Canada from Heckler & Koch in Oberndorf, Germany.┬áIn fact, the factory wanted them back but the distributor ended up keeping these in the country. Limited quantities are still available at Canadian retailers and they will not be available again once they’re all sold.

The P30L was made famous on the silver screen with the first John Wick movie in 2014 starring Keanu Reeves. He used the pistol fitted with a custom compensator made by the movie armorer. According to IMFDB.org, it was also used in movies such as The Expendables 2 & 3 and Transformers: The Age of Extinction. It was most recently used in the movie The Accountant starring Ben Affleck.

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