Desert Tech MDR 308 Bullpup


Desert Tech MDR 308 Bullpup

The Military Arms Channel on YouTube is at it again. This time they have a Desert Tech MDR (Micro Dynamic Rifle) .308 Bullpup test sample that was sent to them for evaluation.

According to the Desert Tech website, the company was founded in 2007 and is located in West Valley City, Utah.

MDR Specifications

  • Available Calibers: 5.56mm, 308 Winchester, 300 Blackout.
  • Barrel length: 16 inches.
  • Weight: 8.67 pounds.
  • Overall length: 26.2 inches.
  • Non-reciprocating charging handle.
  • Forward ejecting.

The guys over at the Military Arms channel make some excellent videos. This one about the Desert Tech MDR 308 Bullpup is no exception.

As with most other bullpup designs on the market, the MDR demands a premium price.  According to the Desert Tech website, the MDR sells for 2,274.00.

Something unique about the MDR, the spent casings can be ejected from either the left or right hand side. On each side of the rifle is an ejection port. Each port has a cover. Swapping the ejection cover from right to left determines whether the casings are ejected to the right or left.

The rifle has a quick connect on the buttstock, but there is no quick connect on the forward part of the rifle.

Rather than buying an MDR in each caliber, the housing in multi caliber. Buy an adapter kit and the MDR can be switched to another caliber.

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