Rifle Competition: M6 Scout vs. Sears Bolt Rifle


Rifle Competition: M6 Scout vs. Sears Bolt Rifle

Military Arms Channel on YouTube put together a video comparing the M6 Scout with a Sears bolt-action 22 rifle.  This is what they call “an affordable rifle competition.” The rule was, no rifle could cost more than $400.

The M6 was developed as a survival rifle for air crews of the United States military. If a plane were to go down, the firearm could be used to hunt small game.  It is an over-under, with a 22 long rifle barrel on top and a 410 shotgun barrel on the bottom. Ammunition can be stored in the shoulder stock.

The Sears rifle wasn’t actually made by Sears; years ago, major firearms manufacturers made lots of guns with other companies’ names on them, especially major chain stores such as Sears, Western Auto, Montgomery Wards, etc.

Now for the video.

If I were stuck in the woods looking for small game, the Scout rifle would be ideal. From what Tim said in the video, the military version was chambered in 22 Hornet, while the civilian version is 22 long rifle.

Personally, I feel the 410 does not get enough love. It is perfect for rabbits, squirrels and other small game. The combination of 22 long rifle and 410 makes the Scout an ideal survival gun, although it does take some time to reload. The shells are not ejected and must be pulled out by hand.

On the other hand, the bolt action 22 rifle is classic for its time period. At first, I thought the rifle was made by Harrington & Richardson as it looks a lot like my H&R 865 Plainsman. But some research reveals that it was most likely made by Marlin, and is more or less the equivalent of a Marlin Model 81

So, which firearm would you pick, and why?

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