Five Things For a Remote Bugout Location


Five Things For a Remote Bugout Location

On the back of the farm is an old cabin I would like friends and family members to use as a bugout location. It’s 24 feet wide by 40 foot long, with metal siding and a metal roof, constructed sometime in the mid-1970s.

It needs some work. It needs to be leveled, and there are some trim boards that have to be replaced.  Overall, it is in decent shape.

While looking at the cabin I was thinking about what basics would make it comfortable for someone to. I started to say “livable” rather than “comfortable,” but the cabin is livable as is. The roof does not leak, all the windows are intact, and the floor is solid. Since it is livable, the goal now is to make it more comfortable.

Water Filter

Water to the remote cabin is provided via a shallow water well. The water is safe to drink, but has an off taste caused by various gases and minerals that seep into the water. There is no danger, just enough to give it an icky taste. Allowing the water to sit in something like a Royal Berkey water filter would allow the gases to vent from the water.

Then there is the problem of power. When the power goes down, the pump stops working. The easy solution is to filter water from a creek at is 200 feet from the cabin.

Why something like a Royal Berkey? It is made out of stainless steel, so rodents cannot chew through it.


Just some type of cot, bunk bed, twin bed, queen size bed along with pillows and blankets.

Maybe include some cheap sleeping bags? They make excellent blankets even if you don’t want to zip up in one.

Metal Storage Box

Something like a lockable tool storage box found at a construction site. One popular brand name is Knaack.

These boxes can be expensive, so maybe check the local pawn shops?

These provide a safe place to store blankets, pillows, clothes, and anything rodents can destroy. They also make if a little more difficult for thieves.

There is an old saying: “All a lock does is keep an honest man honest.”

Cooking Grill

An Outdoor cooking grill that can use wood would be useful. This can be anything from a nice smoker to a basic grill large enough that it can use wood, or even a cooking ring found at camping sites.

The smell of a fire and food cooking provides people with a sense of comfort.

Since it uses wood, finding fuel should be relatively easy.


Yes, chairs. Just your basic lawn chairs are good enough. Something that will provide a comfortable sitting place.

They also provide a sense of normalcy; that things are normal and there is nothing to worry about.

We Could Go On Forever

The honest truth is we could go on forever. We could talk about books, solar power, firearms, gardening tools, and fruit trees.

I wanted to throw out some ideas and open the topic for discussion. What are your bugout essentials?


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