Preppers and Your Local Community College


Preppers and Your Local Community College

Preppers, have you checked your local community college to see what classes they have which may help your prepping plans?

A few days ago I went by the local community college in Jasper, Texas — Angelina College. I was hoping to talk to someone about finishing my degree, but the office was closed. People were attending night classes, so the building was open.

While walking past a reception desk, I noticed several publications on display for students. One was a college newspaper; the other explained which classes were being offered during the fall 2017 semester.

While looking through the paper, I was surprised at how many classes are related to prepping:

  • Firefighter certification.
  • Fire behavior.
  • Fire safety training.
  • CPR and first aid.
  • Medical assistant.
  • Nurse aide.
  • Building with steel.
  • Small engine repair.
  • Fundamentals of welding.
  • Martial Arts.
  • Archery.

Some classes were not offered at the extension campus here in Jasper (for example, the archery class is only offered at the main Angelina campus in Lufkin).

Then there are the not-so-obvious classes, such as Microsoft Excel. Learning basic computer skills, such as how to create and edit a spreadsheet, can assist in keeping inventory. Some preppers keep a spreadsheet of how many canned food items they have. When a can is used, it is subtracted from the spreadsheet, so the person knows exactly how many cans of certain items are on hand. This plays into a bigger picture of meal planning.

Anything having to do with first aid, medical, or engine repair are all directly related to prepping.

There was a certain class I was interested in, but it started last month, and that was pottery. Having some hands-on training on how to make jars out of clay would be nice. In junior high I took an arts class where we made some pottery, but that was 50 years ago.

So, have you checked your local community college to see what classes they offer?

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