Watch: How to Call Squirrels Using Two Coins


Watch: How to Call Squirrels Using Two Coins

Squirrel hunting is a great way to spend time in the woods, to sharpen your skills for deer season, add some variety to the pot, and to introduce youngsters to hunting. But those tree rats can be evasive little rascals, hiding out in the treetops even though you know they are close. Well, this guy has a method of calling them that imitates the sound of squirrel teeth gnawing on a nut. Hungry squirrels–and all squirrels are hungry–will come a-running.

Who’s that over there eatin’ some nuts? I want some nuts!

Skip the first minute if you want to get down to business.

What he shows at first isn’t what I expected. I have called squirrels by using something with teeth or grooves along the edges (like a quarter, dime, poker chip, or even the safety on a shotgun) to imitate the sound of them chewing. More like what he shows beginning at about 3:20.

He goes on to show a number of variations. If you can’t get a squirrel interested using one of these methods, you might be hunting the wrong place. Quarters are probably the most useful coins for this, but they’re not the only kind that will work.

Happy hunting!

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