Watch: Top 5 Handguns of WWII


Watch: Top 5 Handguns of WWII

The Military Arms Channel on YouTube is at it again. This time they’ve put together an excellent video about their top five handguns from World War II.

Why should we care about handguns from the 1930s and 1940s?

Without those handguns, we would not have the technology we have today. Modern firearms draw on the lessons from the past. All it takes is one designer to bring something revolutionary to the table. For example, a large number of handguns today use designs John Browning developed in the early 1900s.

  • Walther P38: This looks very much like a modern Beretta. Take away the barrel that protrudes past the slide, and you have compact Beretta.
  • 1911: The handgun Tim used in the video is rich with history. It was sent the England during the lend-lease program in 1944, then found its way back to the United States after the war.
  • Viz 35: Built in Poland during World War II.
  • Russian TT33: The handgun in the video was made after the war.
  • Browning Hi-Power: The handgun in the video was made in Canada during World War II.

So, which is your favorite and why? Personally, I would take the 1911.

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