The Austere SHTF Camp


The Austere SHTF Camp

Sometimes and more often than we would like to imagine a SHTF develops so fast, a bug out tends to become more of a scram. Even if you had pre-packed a bug out bag, duffle or even a cardboard box with some supplies, they may not last long enough until the storm or other threat passed. Hopefully then order was restored and calm returned.

Otherwise in the meantime, you may have to live under rather primitive conditions. This can certainly be accomplished if you do some elemental planning and execution ahead of time. Besides a bug out bag with short term supplies, create a bug out box, too. This will have gear and supplies to establish a very basic camp just about anywhere. It could be better than nothing.

In this box have a small self-contained tent, or at least two good tarps with tie down ropes attached in the eyelets. Have a couple rolls of rope or paracord. With this you can string up a line between trees or posts to build a crude shelter. This would at least be a base structure to shield you from rain, wind, and the elements to some degree. Use the other tarp for a ground cloth.

Pack lots of fire making supplies, matches and lighters. Have a couple flashlights, camp knife, ax or hatchet, water filter, a med kit, a cook kit or survival food packs. Maybe a backup weapon and some additional ammo. A solar power unit for your I-phone would be nice. Add an AM-FM-Emergency Weather radio and some batteries. What else would you pack for a tough it out camp?

With any space left in your box or another, take some clothes especially if it is cold. Rain gear maybe. Pack a creature comfort or two, maybe a blanket or heavy wrap, sleep pad, camp pillow, or similar item(s).

Under such conditions you will be fortunate to maintain some basic elements of survival. Self-defense security from threats, food, water, escape from the elements, a campfire, and some rest. If you have family, a partner, or team, then share the toils and whatever rewards you can scrape together.

A SHTF escape camp living under austere conditions may not be the most ideal set up, but it can get you by. And look on the bright side, if you hadn’t escaped the SHTF disaster, you might already be dead.

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