Five Places to Keep a Flashlight


Five Places to Keep a Flashlight

Why should we be concerned about hiding flashlights? They provide us with an emergency light when we need it the most. Where are your favorite flashlight hiding places? You know you have them, so where are they?

Even the simplest tasks become almost impossible without some kind of light.


Something that concerns me is my truck breaking down or having a flat tire on the highway at night when I don’t have a flashlight handy. For that reason, I keep a couple lights in the glove box.

Where the car jack is stowed, is another good place.

Most doors have a storage pocket, that is another good place to drop a flashlight.

The center console between the driver and passenger is another good one.

Front door

I have a small empty plastic flower pot on the table next to my front door. Inside that flower pot is where a bunch of flashlights are kept.

Some people have a coat hook and/or a hat rack next to their front door. That would be an excellent place to put a flashlight.

A few days ago, the dogs were barking at the chicken house just after sundown. I grabbed a light, ran over to the chicken house, peeked in a window, and there was an opossum on the roost.


Nothing says “You’re not welcome here” like the sound of a pump shotgun while you blind your opponent using a light.

On a personal note, I live in a rural area at the end of a dead end road. If someone is in my front yard, they are either lost, looking for someone, or up to no good.

Having a bright, blinding light on a firearm provides certain advantages.

Bugout Bag / Get-Home Bag

In a grid-down situation, do you have the gear needed to walk home?

It has been revealed that hackers gained access to our power grid. So it is just a matter of time before the system is shut down and millions of people are stranded.

A quality flashlight should be included in a bugout or get-home bag.

Key ring

Pretty much everyone carries some kind of key ring. This could be for the house keys, work keys, or vehicle keys, so your key ring is an excellent place to keep something like a ThruNite Ti3.


Since most people always have their keys with them, this would mean they’d always have a flashlight.

Final Thoughts

So, are there any special places you like to keep flashlights?

Maybe in a basement, shed, toolbox, storage box on an ATV, or maybe somewhere else?

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