Stephen Paddock, The Perfect Gray Man


Stephen Paddock, The Perfect Gray Man

In the survivalist community there is a concept called “The Gray Man.” The idea is to blend in with those around you. Even though the “gray man” survivalist may have stockpiled food and an arsenal of firearms for surviving various situations, nobody around him (or her) knows it.

The goal of the gray man is the blend in, and Stephen Paddock reportedly did just that. Somehow, he planned, implemented, and executed a mass killing, and never raised a red flag.

As more information is coming out about the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting, it seems Stephen Paddock was the perfect gray man.

What we know so far:

  • No criminal record.
  • No political ties.
  • No religious affiliation.
  • No mention of him being a firearms enthusiast.
  • No history of mental illness.
  • No history of violence

The only thing odd mentioned by the media is how his neighbors described him as “aggressively unfriendly.”

From FoxNews – Stephen Paddock: What we know about Vegas shooter, ‘high stakes gambler’.

Some of their neighbors described Paddock as “extremely standoffish” and “aggressively unfriendly,” the report said.

One reportedly described him as “weird,” and said he “kept to himself.”

Somehow, in living his daily life, Stephen Paddock was able to plan and pull off mass murder, and he flew under the radar the whole time.

When Stephen Paddock bought his firearms, he passed the background checks: Two Nevada Gun Shops Say Stephen Paddock Passed Background Checks.

Two Nevada gun shops confirmed Monday that they sold firearms to Mandalay Bay [killer] Stephen Paddock in the last year and said he passed all required background checks.

By all accounts (released so far), Stephen Paddock was a model citizen. The only thing on his criminal record was a traffic ticket from several years ago.

No amount of gun laws would have stopped this crime. Stephen Paddock, by all accounts, seemed to be an everyday person, who bought guns and went on a murderous rampage.

The next question is, why? What drove someone who had no history or affiliation, to go on a killing spree?

Or, maybe that was all part of his gray man guise, and he merely convinced those around that him he had no affiliations?

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