Watch: How to Clear a Double Feed in an AR (er, I mean MSR)


Watch: How to Clear a Double Feed in an AR (er, I mean MSR)

This video from NSSF features an instructor from Gunsite and in less than three minutes he talks about what causes multiple feeds in an AR and demonstrates how to fix it.

It’s a mess, but it can be cleared — and it can be cleared quickly if you know how.

The procedure is well-taught (clearly, Mr. Whaley knows his ARs) and although running the bolt three times after verifying clearance seems excessive, I readily concede that he knows a lot more about modern sporting rifles than I do.

Watch and learn.

Naturally, some YouTube commenters think they know more than he does, but one comment featured more common sense than most:

Many commenters here speaking of the dangers of placing fingers in front of the open bolt. Yes, there is a risk involved. However, Gunsite doesn’t teach target shooting; with a few exceptions, Gunsite teaches techniques, tactics, and strategies involved in using a firearm to fight for your life; as they themselves state during classes, they teach gunfighting, not shooting. When time is of the essence and your life is on the line, risk the finger chomp and perform the task as described here. I’d rather a finger pinch (or crush) than a bullet finding me. For target shooting and other recreational firearm usage, by all means protect those fingers!

What’s your opinion? Did he do it right?

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