Watch: Make a PVC Atlatl & Flaming Spears


Watch: Make a PVC Atlatl & Flaming Spears

We can thank the erstwhile TV show Top Shot for a number of things; Chris Cheng, splitting bullets with an axe, and the resurgence of the atlatl.

As you probably know, an atlatl is a device for flinging long darts — essentially oversized, flexible arrows — in ways that most of us previously imagined spears being propelled. It’s a simple device that adds length to your arm, thus allowing you to throw a long arrow much “more better” than you could do with just your arm.

This guy makes one by shamelessly copying another YouTuber (with credit, of course) and then adds some awesome sauce in the way of nice steel heads and wire hooks to contain the flammable steel wool he adds to make them into fiery darts.

some decent tips here, like forming the sharp arrowheads and getting them to fit snugly on the darts.

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