Get in the Stand Before Hunting Season


Get in the Stand Before Hunting Season

Hunting season is opening all over the United States. During this time-honored tradition, hunters will be scouting their favorite hunting areas and setting up stands.  To the observer, going into the woods to kill an animal may seem rather barbaric. What non-hunters do not know is that hunting blinds offer a wonderful opportunity for wildlife observation and nature photography.

There is more to hunting is more than just killing. It is a hunter’s opportunity to become part of nature.

People were not designed to live in cities. For hundreds of thousands of years we were hunter-gatherers. Our ancestors roamed from the tip of Africa to Europe and all the way to South America. In our hearts is a desire to get away from the cities and back where we belong.

Cities are a fairly new invention that are only a few thousand years old. Where we truly belong is where we can hear the wind blowing through the trees and hear the squirrels barking. This is where we find our peace and quiet.

Now that your hunting spots are picked out, get in your stand and enjoy some peace and quiet. After opening weekend, there will be sounds of gunfire in the distance, ATVs, and the sounds of trucks and trailers going down rural roads.

Before opening weekend is a perfect opportunity to get in the stand to listen and watch. I usually bring a rifle in case I see a wild pig. (Here in Texas, there is no season on wild pigs and they can be hunted year-round.)

I’m suggesting you get in the stand before regular season starts just so you can hunt pigs. The real reason is to get away from everyday life. There is a certain peace that comes with listening to the birds, watching the squirrels, and hopefully getting some pictures of deer so you can brag to your buddies.

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