Watch: Emelie Makes Fire in the Rain


Watch: Emelie Makes Fire in the Rain

This Swedish gal ventures out into the rain to make a fire in the great outdoors. Why does she do it? To survive? Nah, just to (hopefully) entertain folks. Hmmmm.

Emelie of Emelie’s Outdoor Adventures does a nice job of seeming mostly clueless while gathering material to make a fire in the wet woods. Some fuzzy birch back and some dried rosin (tree sap), she goes to a lot of trouble preparing the stuff.

A patch on her backpack declares that our host is “cute but psycho.” No comment.

Aha! Useful information; she uses a pencil sharpener to shave twigs into, well, shavings. Cool.


Her first attempt didn’t really pan out, perhaps because she forgot about all that rosin. Doh!

All in all, this might be more of a “what not to do” video, but in the end, she did get it done.

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