Watch: Shooting Arrows From a Shotgun


Watch: Shooting Arrows From a Shotgun

There’s nothing more fun than launching an arrow out of a 410 shotgun.

Well then, let’s get to it!

He uses a 410 shotgun and a crossbow arrow, but then goes all “normal” and also uses a 50-cal smoothbore air gun with arrows designed specifically for that purpose. What’s the fun in that?

He begins by shooting watermelons, then moves on to canned hams, bottles of soda, and then tries some longer-range accuracy stuff.

For reasons unknown, he doesn’t bother to tell us about the shells he’s using, but he sure does talk a lot about everything else!

Later on he does mention casually that they simply cut the crimp off the end of each shell and dumped out the shot load. And I have to agree with the commenter who said the reason his arrows were being shredded by the shotgun is that the arrow isn’t lying directly against the wad, but is instead somewhere forward of the shell in the barrel.

He later reduced the charge and got better results from the scattergun.

For the record, this whole thing is a terrible idea, as he is creating an obstructed barrel, and that is never good.


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