Watch: Orange Screw Ground Anchors


Watch: Orange Screw Ground Anchors

We all need to tie something down sometime. Whether it’s a tent, a pet, a tarp, or a canoe, there are always times when a decent tie-down can come in handy. Depending on soil conditions, this can be tricky. The American-made, family-owned Orange Screw might be just the thing, especially in loose or soft soil.


It’s a simple-but-thoughtful product, which screws into the ground to provide an secure but easily-removable place to anchor a shelter or whatever. Made of recycled plastic, it’s pretty tough, as you will see in the video below when they bend it in a bench vise.


A transparent tube slips over the screw portion of the Orange Screw, which will help keep it from poking holes in your storage bag, and the tube doubles as a T-handle for screwing the anchor into the ground.

A recent trip to the beach reminded me of how lame wire tent stakes are, but some of these might have helped the folks whose shelter tried to go sailing away. And Florida has a lot of sand in the ground throughout the state, which means tent and tarp stakes are prone to come loose.

  • American-made
  • Family-owned business
  • Made of recycled materials
  • Available in two sizes
  • Website claims same-day shipping on all orders

They look pretty useful; hopefully I’ll be able to put my hands on some to try out and see how well they hold up.

Right now, they are more expensive on Amazon, but if you have Prime the shipping is free. (Example: One Small Orange Screw is $9.95 including Prime shipping on Amazon, or $6.95+shipping on the OS site.)

Check ’em out and see what you think.

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