Twin Peaks: Manly USA Knives Debuts a Pocket Pair


Twin Peaks: Manly USA Knives Debuts a Pocket Pair

Manly Knives, a popular European manufacturer, is preparing to enter the North American market. First on tap for the Bulgaria-based maker are a pair of near-nine-inch folders, the Peak and Peak 2. Offering a “Manly Lifetime Guarantee,” this debut duo will be the first of four offerings headed to the States.

Taking a Peak

Both knives feature 3.7-inch blades and G-10 handle scales, along with solid steel liners and reversible deep-carry pocket clips. The overall open length for each is set at 8.66 inches. Despite this rather substantial size, Manly USA advertises an in-pocket weight of just four ounces. Consider the slim profile and low ride shown in the promotional pictures. If the hype is to be believed, these may be some of the easiest-carrying knives on market.

The main difference between the two models lies in their opening mechanisms. While the standard Peak offers a slightly egg-shaped thumb hole, the Peak 2 requires a more traditional two-hand approach. Grinds are set at 15 degrees per side, with a blade thickness of just 0.118 inches. On paper, this hints at strong slicing performance. Both blade styles will be secured through a standard lockback design.

The pair will be offered with a choice of three steels. Here they are, in order of ascending quality and cost:

  • D2 ($70)
  • CPM154 ($110)
  • CPM S90V ($120)

Pricing will be identical for both models. Customers will also have their pick of a trio of colors: Black, Orange, or Desert Camo.

Other Models

There are two other models shown on Manly USA’s Collections page: The Patriot fixed blade and another folder dubbed the Comrade. Both of these appear to be available only in D2 and CPM154, without the option of S90V. There are however several additional handle materials not found on the Peak lineup.

Future Plans

According to KnifeNews, “The company plans to explore premium handle materials like titanium and wood, but also bolster its budget-friendly offerings with more basic materials.” Per the Manly USA website, average lead time on these knives is between two and three weeks. Both models are currently sold out in all configurations, showing a strong initial demand for this new product.

Manly USA’s Lubo Trayanov can be found on Twitter at @ManlyUSA_Knives.

Photo Credit: All photos are from the Manly USA website.

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