Gear to Take on a Day Hike


Gear to Take on a Day Hike

Whether it is day hiking, or scouting for that ideal hunting spot, what gear do you take? Some people may say, “Why would you take anything?” Those are the types people found a couple of days later by search and rescue.

When going on a hiking, ATV, boating, or hunting scouting trip, take a few minutes to pack some basic survival gear.

Where do you start?

Darwin onthetrail put together an excellent video talking about what gear he takes on a day hike:

Some of the gear I bring:

  • Military-style rain poncho – This can be made into a shelter or worn.
  • Water – Water bottle or canteens, and a water filter.
  • Snacks – Depending on the trip length, I will bring either snack bars, a Mountain House freeze dried pouch, or an MRE.
  • Navigation – Rather than using a phone for navigation, I like to have TOPO maps, GPS and two compasses. One compass stays in the navigation bag, the other I use when on the trail.
  • Flashlight.
  • Matches or lighter.
  • Hat.
  • Cell phone.
  • Camera.
  • Bandanna.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Cord – Trotline string or 550 cord.
  • Toilet paper.

What about a first aid kit? The bandanna can double as a bandage. Wear tube socks, and if you need a bandage, cut the top of the tube sock off and use it along with the bandanna.

The above list should cover basic gear needed to get you home after dark, or to spend an unexpected night in the woods.

For those who wonder whether I have ever gone camping with gear like that, the answer is yes. I have camped with little more than a sleeping bag and rain poncho.

So, what is your typical gear list?

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