Which Red Dot Does Your Handgun Need?


Which Red Dot Does Your Handgun Need?

Okay, so you have finally decided you need to put a red dot scope on your pistol, but you are not sure which one. Here’s where all the time and fun begins! I can tell you a few things that may help you get through this and maybe even save you a little money along the way.


This is another time that if you go cheap, you get cheap. And if this is for your carry gun, I ask you this: “How much is your life worth? Is this where you want to try to save a few dollars?”


I have tried most of these over the past few years and I decided on C-More RTS2 models, which are in the mid/high price range. Interestingly, I’ve found that red dots in this price range are pretty much on par with each other.


Be sure to consider battery changing. On many of these you have to remove the optic from the gun in order to change the battery, which means you’ll need to re-zero the scope every time you change the battery.


Some red dot scopes are dual type; they offer some form of a night-sight dot with a fiber optic type. These “red dot types” are nice as long as you are in somewhat bright light. And there is one brand that costs a few hundred more than the C More red dots, yet they don’t work as well as the C More in low light.

“Camera does not show this as bright as it really is” img_4361

I have gone through the many brands and types in my competition guns, which get fired hundreds of times more than most carry guns. With the C More RTS2 red dot you never have to re-zero the dot after changing the battery. It has a tray that slides out the bottom of the unit so you don’t have to remove it from the gun.


C More RTS2 red dots come with a 3, 6, or 8 MOA dot and sell for around the $419.00 price mark. And I can tell you I have only had ONE issue with one of the first RTS2’s, and even though it was long out of warranty, they still repaired it free for me. It was slide-mounted in the rear dovetail and had seen THOUSANDS of rounds (more than 50,000) before I had any issue. It was 4 years past the warranty if I remember correctly.


I have 4 different RTS2’s now and they have been the workhorse of my red dot world. Look at the competitive shooting community and you will see more C More red dots out there than any other brand. There has to be a reason, right? The reason is simple: they work and they last. And for the price, you can’t find any better!


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