Mossberg Releases 20 Gauge Shockwave


Mossberg Releases 20 Gauge Shockwave

Have you ever thought the 20 gauge does not get enough love? When someone does a video or article about a shotgun, the vast majority of the time it will be about the 12 gauge.

While the 12 gauge is an excellent all-around firearm, the recoil can be a little harsh. Some people are probably thinking, “Kevin is just a sissy.” Nope. I have a couple of 12 gauge shotguns and have been using one since I was around 14 years old. But even after 35 years of using the 12 gauge, the 20 gauge has a special place in my heart, just like the 410.

For those of us who would rather use a 20 gauge over a 12 gauge for small stuff, such as snake charming, Mossberg is releasing a chambered in 20 gauge.

From the Mossberg website:


  • Gauge: 20
  • Capacity: 6
  • Chamber: 3 inch
  • Barrel Type: Heavy-Walled
  • Barrel Length: 14″
  • Sight: Bead
  • Choke: Cylinder Bore
  • LOP: N/A
  • Barrel Finish: Matte Blued
  • Weight: 5.3
  • Length: 26.37

Suggested retail from the Mossberg website is $455.00.

It seems everything is 12 gauge this, 12 gauge that. So, it is nice to see a gun company showing the 20 gauge some love.

For those who do not know what the Shockwave is, hickok45 made a video about it.

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