4 Photos of a Russian Amphibious 8-Wheel-Drive


4 Photos of a Russian Amphibious 8-Wheel-Drive

I think I need one of these at hunt camp. Plenty of power and traction, and I would always stay nice and dry on the way to and from my hunts. Right?


The turning radius probably leaves a lot to be desired, though. It looks like the rear section–along with all 4 of its wheels–simply turns a little bit from right to left when it’s time to steer this eight-wheel-drive behemoth.


Russia Beyond reports that it’s an amphibious vehicle:

A user of Russian social network VK has discovered an eight-wheel Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicle (AATV), created in the 1950s by the Design Bureau of the Chelyabinsk tractor hydraulics plant, Russia media reported.


The body is clearly aluminum, and they say the chassis is, too. It weighs in at 600 Kilograms, which adds up to about 1323 pounds.

That’s a lot of rivets, my friends.

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