The EarthRoamer-Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle


The EarthRoamer-Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


For a mere cool $1.5 mill you can own perhaps the world’s finest bug out vehicle. Talk about self-containment. This ultra-vehicle is a top-of-the-line motor home tank on wheels. It is not only the “hulk” of off road (or on) vehicles, but its amenities rival any type of camping, rove about vehicle ever constructed.

The EarthRoamer XV-HD is one of two models being fabricated at the company’s Dacono, Colorado shop. At initial glance, one just has to have a jaw dropping “oh, my” expression on their face. It is that impressive. As per the company’s own description, “The EarthRoamer XV was designed for those who love the quality, design, and craftsmanship in a model offering more space and amenities.” This is accompanied by greater fuel, water, solar, and battery capacities.

The EarthRoamer was created and designed to offer a self-sufficient vehicle that permits the owner to travel off the beaten pathways of the planet for longer periods of time. As the ultimate survival vehicle, its engineering certainly has created a package to withstand just about any potential SHTF threat, but in unequaled style.

The XV EarthRoamer first is built on the maximum strong-man chassis of the heavy duty Ford F-750 (yep, 750) 4WD. The “vehicle” portion of the rig is a mega-sized truck with four doors and interior comforts for long sustained hauls. It carries 115 gallons of fuel, 250 gallons of fresh water, 125 gallon black water capacity, 2100 watts of solar power and a 20,000 watt hour bank of lithium batteries. There is a hydraulic leveling system to balance uneven terrain. The F-750 has a powerful, efficient, turbo diesel engine. Additional specs can be found on their website at

The exterior “camper” shell if you will is a vacuum infused molded composite camper body. It offers numerous exterior windows for viewing, observation, and daylight. There are multiple floor plans available.

Interior amenities include a full galley, cook top, frig, freezer, ice maker, sink, and microwave oven. There is ample deluxe seating, with flat screen TVs fore and aft, and a Bose sound system. There is a Ghost security system with exterior cameras. Rear is a king sized bed with pull out “stairs” for entry with other sleeping arrangements, too. Lots of storage and drawers. A washer and dryer is built in. The EarthRoamer really has it all. Check out the walk through video of the unit on their website.

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