The Primitive Nature of the Hunt


The Primitive Nature of the Hunt

Hunting can be a complex pursuit (no pun intended). With experience, certain things will trigger visceral reactions which can be surprising–even to the hunter himself.

On a recent deer hunt, I watched as deer fought and shoved and chased one another. At such times, it’s tough to keep the grin off your face. Then again, why even try? Just smile and enjoy. Because when you watch a buck, hackles raised, come huffing and snorting into view to face off with another buck, it triggers a little wild something deep inside of you.

One morning found me perched in a hardwood bottom enjoying the colorful leaves as I waited and watched for a buck to arrive. The morning had been uneventful so far.

Behind me up the hill, a crow called and was immediately answered by a turkey’s gobble.

An odd thrill went through me, and because I was attuned to deer hunting, it took a moment to recognize it. It was the same thing a turkey hunter feels when he hears that distant gobble and his senses suddenly become focused on that bird, and he begins his attempt to bag it.

I stayed put, because it was deer season, but not without pausing to appreciate the animal part of myself that reacts without hesitation or conscious thought.

Here’s to deer during turkey season, turkeys during deer season, and the primitive satisfaction of the hunt.

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