Norinco Type 81 arrived in Canada


Norinco Type 81 arrived in Canada

The Norinco Type 81 semi-automatic rifle in 7.62x39mm caliber, after 2 years of waiting for those who got on the pre-order, has finally arrived in customer’s hands in Canada.

These are made with brand new, semi-auto receivers with a longer 18.5″ barrel, in accordance with Canadian laws. These are classified in Canada as non-restricted, which means unlike an AR, you can take it to hunting. According to the importer, only 1000 of these were imported and come in both fixed and folding stock variety.

As of the time this article is published, it’s still available to order directly at at CAD$999.00 (approx. USD$785.00) plus applicable taxes and shipping. Sorry Americans, you will not be able to purchase and import this to the US this due to the ban imposed in 1993. Only a handful of Type 81s are known to be imported in the US prior to the ban, commanding prices in the high thousands in the current market.

Despite looking rather similar to an AK47, it actually is based on the SKS action and it uses its own proprietary magazine. With lack of aftermarket parts available, will this rifle stand the test of time to those who want to modernize it with optics, flashlights and other accessories? Would you want to buy it purely as a collectible item?

Here’s a quick video found on Youtube of someone shooting a military issued Type 81 in full-auto to those who want to see the recoil impulse.

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