Being Overwhelmed With Prepping


Being Overwhelmed With Prepping

When someone gets into prepping, there is a mindset they have to buy all kinds of special gear. The idea of putting together a bugout bag for every member of the family, backyard homesteading, or coordinating a bugout location with friends and family members, can be a little overwhelming.

The honest truth is, most people are more prepared than they realize. One of the main issues facing people new to prepping is how to see things in a new light.

Let’s talk about a few examples:

Flower beds can be used to grow vegetables. Rather than planting flowers, I grow peppers and tomatoes. I have a saying, “If you cannot eat it, I do not plant it.”

A barbecue grill can be used for cooking when the power goes out.

Camping gear, such as sleeping bags, can be used by house guests.

Nearby ponds, rivers, and lakes could be a source of food. Let’s take the town where I live, Jasper, Texas. There is a park in the town called Sandy Creek Park. In the park is a pond. Every January, the pond is stocked with rainbow trout to provide fishing opportunities. No fishing license is required to catch fish at the pond. This provides people with a chance to fish who would not normally get to.  The Saturday after the pond is stocked, there is an event where prizes are handed out, such as fishing poles.  The kids love it and have a great time.

State parks may offer classes for kids, such as canoeing, nature shows, or woodworking.

Scout programs, such as Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts.

Master naturalist programs. I am a certified Texas Master Naturalist. The program was fun, I learned a lot, and was a great way to meet new people.

Master gardener programs. Want a garden, but don’t know to start? Call the local farm supply stores and ask about a master gardener class. The county extension office is also a great resource for different classes.

Prepping is more than just stockpiling. There are numerous enjoyable activities that allow people to learn new skills that are prepping-related. It is just a matter of looking at things from a different point of view.

If people focused just on the stockpiling part of prepping, they would be broke and would have no real hands-on experience.

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