Democrat Assault Weapons Bill Mostly Symbolic


Democrat Assault Weapons Bill Mostly Symbolic

Rain is wet, sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and Democrats introduced an assault weapons ban. I would say Democrats introduced a “new” assault weapons ban, but that would be a misstatement. The truth is, Democrats have been trying to reinstate the old “assault weapons ban” since it expired in 2004.

However, even when Democrats controlled both houses and the presidency from 2008-2010, they were unable to get any new gun laws passed. So what makes them think they can pass anything when Republicans control both houses and the presidency?

During the election of 2016 and after he was elected president, Donald Trump stated time and time again he is a friend to gun owners. To prove this, Donald Trump was the first sitting president since Ronald Reagan to address the NRA.

Even if Democrats were able to get their new assault weapons ban out of committee, it will face an uphill battle in both houses.

Let’s say by some miracle the ban passes both houses and is sent to President Trump; he would likely veto the bill.

Even if it is made into law, if you look at the fine print there is no outright ban.

From Senate Democrats introduce new ban on ‘assault weapons’.

[…] it would also ban semi-auto handguns and rifles with a detachable magazine and only one “military characteristics” such as a pistol grip, telescoping or folding stock, or threaded barrel. The previous ban allowed a single feature but kicked in at the point of two or more. Likewise, detachable magazines capable of holding 10 or more rounds would be prohibited.

While guns already in circulation would be grandfathered, they would have to be stored using a safe or a trigger lock. Magazines affected by the ban would also be grandfathered, but could not be transferred in the future.

What would that leave us with?  Mini-14 style rifles.

Would we be happy with that?  Not really.  But could we live with it?  Certainly we could.


Why are Democrats introducing an assault weapons ban when there is no chance of it passing?

Elected officials, such as Dianne Feinstein, have to do something to keep their plebs happy. If they do not “do something”, people running against them will use their inaction as leverage.

Millennial Democrats are unhappy with aging Democratic leaders and their inability to get around the GOP blockade.  Some Democrats see negotiating with Donald Trump as an act of treason against the party.  This type of hardline approach has ground the government to a halt.

In short:

  • Democrats refuse to negotiate with the GOP.
  • Government has ground to a halt.
  • Republicans control both houses and the presidency.
  • President Trump declared himself a friend of the NRA and a friend to gun owners.
  • Allowing the ban to pass would spell doom for republican incumbents during the 2018 midterm elections.
  • Democrats feel they have to do “something” to keep their voters happy.

It is unlikely any kind of assault weapons ban will get passed anytime soon, if ever.  Democrats had the chance to pass the bill between 2008-2010, and they could not get it done.

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