Watch: Making a Double-End Wood Spoon


Watch: Making a Double-End Wood Spoon

I’ve shared some cool DiResta build videos before, but it’s been a while. Here’s one in which he makes a simple double-ended wooden spoon out of an old board, using an angle grinder and band saw.

Much of this carving and shaping could be done with simple hand tools, if it came right down to it. But since he’s in the business of creating artistic stuff from everyday objects and he’s got a good shop, he is of course using power tools for a good bit of the work.

After the band saw, he gets busy with a hand rasp and files. He uses a sharp curved knife to finish-carve the spoon hollows and smooth the curved transition between spoons and handle.

Sanding comes next, followed by some lacquer sanding sealer.

When the SHTF and you need a cooking spoon–or if you simply have too much time on your hands–you could easily carve yourself a full set of wooden kitchen implements. Sweet!

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