6-Year-Old Girl Slays Wisconsin Buck Under New Law


6-Year-Old Girl Slays Wisconsin Buck Under New Law

I recently ran across an article reporting that a 6-year-old girl was one of the first young children to harvest a Wisconsin whitetail after the minimum hunting age was abolished.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I mean yes, I’m all for introducing youngsters to hunting. After all, I started young myself. But is a 6-year-old mature enough to fully appreciate the weight of taking a life?

From the story:

A 6-year-old girl has become one of the first minors in Wisconsin to legally shoot and kill a deer after Gov. Scott Walker signed a new law eliminating the minimum hunting age.

On Sunday, one day after the 2017 hunting season began, kindergartner Lexie Harris posed next to a deer she killed under the supervision of her father, Tyler Harris, The Associated Press reported.

The law, signed by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on Nov. 12, lets hunters of any age carry a weapon while participating in a mentored hunt.

Before the inaugural hunt, Harris had taken Lexie to a shooting range to practice with the youth rifle he bought her, which is less powerful and easier to handle, according to the AP. The rifle is also equipped with a smartphone on the scope to help her target the weapon.

Hmmm. In the poorly-posed (the muzzle of the rifle could easily slide over and point at her chest) photo of the young lady with the buck, the scope shows no evidence of being equipped with a smart phone.

At any rate, she reportedly experienced what all hunters do:

Harris said Lexie was ‘shaking’ when she pulled the trigger…

Lexie may be a bit of a princess, though…

‘She looked at me right away and said, “I’m not gutting it because that’s gross,”‘ Harris said.

What do you think? Parenting done right? Or is there such a thing as starting too young?

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