M+M M10X-DMR, Modernized AK-Like 7.62x39mm Rifle


M+M M10X-DMR, Modernized AK-Like 7.62x39mm Rifle

Canadian and American gun laws can differ greatly. There are certain guns Canadians can have but Americans cannot, and vice-versa. All AK and variants are banned in Canada, so there is a huge demand for rifles that shoot 7.62x39mm and use AK mags. Fortunately, M+M Industries from Colorado USA have recently received approval from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to offer their M10X-DMR rifle classified as non-restricted, which means gun owners can hunt with it (unlike AR15s, which they can only take to and from the gun range).

Despite looking like an AK, this rifle has a crisp 3.7-pound trigger pull with zero take up. It’s also 1 MOA-capable with match ammunition.

Mike Meier, President & CEO of M+M, traveled to Canada to introduce this rifle at the North Sylva Booking Show and show his rifle to dealers. They are currently in serial production now and are expected to arrive to retailers by first quarter of 2018.

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