Are YouTube Gun Channels Past Their Prime?


Are YouTube Gun Channels Past Their Prime?

I remember a few years ago, the gun community could NOT get enough of the “Gun Channels” on YouTube.  It was a great time to be on YouTube, but over the past maybe 2 years, they seem to have lost their sparkle.

I still have my channel, though I never spent enough time on it because shooting matches, teaching classes, and live seminars always seemed to limit my time for videos. I also still have a few favorites that I watch weekly no matter where I am and I hope they continue to provide new material for us to watch.

But with the “news” media and big-government advocates pushing their anti-gun agenda and YouTube itself limiting and even removing  certain videos (and even some channels), it’s clear to see what side they are moving to.

Now many gun people are threatening to move to other formats to post their videos. I for one will follow them and maybe even start a new channel on a new system. If you are into gun channels you should already know that they removed Hickock45’s channel I believe 3 times before it was straightened out.

My point is that in spite of all the trash channels with people who really don’t know what they are talking about and can cause you big problems if you follow their examples and instructions, there are truly knowledgeable channels that really can help you on YouTube.

YouTube was a great platform, WAS and can be again if they will just let it be and not try to remove what they feel is “politically incorrect”. Some of their biggest channels are gun channels and no matter how much they try to hide it you can’t change plain facts.

So while you can, check out the gun channels on YouTube before these guys leave for another media outlet. Some have even posted to where they may be moving.

Here are some of my favorite channels (If you are interested):

One I miss is The Power Factor Show; they stopped it on their own. Maybe someday they will start again!

Johnny Glocks:

Humans 4Targets:



The Armory Channel:


Thunder Ranch:

These are the top ones I watch, so comment below and tell me what you think about YouTube. Is it over for Gun Channels or not? If not please tell us why you are saying that.

Thank you, hope to see you out there!




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