Myth Of the Bug Out Vehicle


Myth Of the Bug Out Vehicle

In the survivalist community there is a mindset that you need a special vehicle to evacuate (bug out).  The bugout vehicle is a myth. To even talk about buying a “special” vehicle for bugging out is a waste of time and resources.

If someone lives in an area prone to natural disasters, and evacuating is a real concern, then there is hardly anything better than a SUV. Do you need to buy a special SUV as a bug out vehicle? Nope.  Let it be your daily driver.

A good quality SUV provides three things that would be needed during an evacuation: seating, storage, and fuel economy.


Seat at least five people. Or, seat four people with a space for the family pet. Not just “seating” but comfortable seating. Riders should have enough room to stretch out and not feel claustrophobic.

Have enough room to lay the seats back and take a nap. Enough personal space so riders are not bumping elbows all the time.


When loading the back compartment, put the ice chest in first and turn it so it can be accessed from the back seat, so people riding in the back seat can get snacks and drinks out of it.

Have enough room for computers, clothes, blankets, ice chest, pets, pet food, family pictures, and guns.

Why bring the computers? Chances are there will be banking information and other sensitive data on it, and family pictures. When you reach the home of a friend or family member, hook the computer up and there will be some sense of normalcy.

Fuel Economy

One of the most critical issues with evacuating is fuel economy. I have no idea how many cars and trucks I saw abandoned on the side of the road during Hurricane Ike and Hurricane Rita. They either broke down or ran out of gas.

Along the gulf coast it is not uncommon for people to evacuate, then run out of gas a mile later after sitting in a traffic jam for six hours.

Along the evacuation route, small towns will be stripped of their fuel supplies. So do not count on fueling up in the next town, or even the next town.

Final Thoughts

I have evacuated for numerous hurricanes, and have seen what happens along the route. Besides running out of fuel, another enemy is having several people cramped in a vehicle during a stressful situation.

Daily routines are disrupted, people want their personal space, and there is the unknown of not knowing what will happen.

There is no need to buy a “special” vehicle for an evacuation. Get a good quality SUV and be done with it.

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