Three “All-Around” Rifle Cartridges


Three “All-Around” Rifle Cartridges

If you were going to pick three rifle cartridges and only use those three for the rest of your life, what would they be?  We are not talking about home defense rifles. These are hunting rifles for medium-sized game, such as whitetail deer.

The three cartridges would probably do well with sportsmen and preppers alike.


What standards should the three rifles cartridges meet?

  • Readily Available Ammunition – This means no wildcat or custom rounds. A cartridge that just about any sporting goods store would have in stock.
  • Proven – A track record of reliability.
  • Rifle Availability – Rifles for sale at gun shows, Pawn Shops, gun stores… etc.
  • Accuracy – If this is not listed someone will be sure to point it out.
  • Affordable – Rifles and ammunition should not cost a fortune.

What three cartridges come to mind?

Someone may say, “Kevin, what brought this topic up?” I am glad you asked.

The Main Three

On December 6, 2017 my daughter had an appointment in Jasper, Texas. I dropped her off and went to a new and used gun store.  While browsing their rifle selection I started to notice something. Just about all of their used rifles were either 30-06 Springfield or 270 Winchester. There was a single new 308 Winchester rifle, a couple of rifles chambered in 243, and no lever action 30-30s.

We talked about the lever action in another article: America’s “Go-To” Rifle. With Christmas upon us, and hunting season in full swing, I expected the lever actions to be sold out.

With my curiosity stirred up, I went to the owner of the gun store and asked why there were so many 30-06 and 270 on the shelf. He explained that he gets more 30-06 and 270 used rifles than anything else.  Rarely will he get a 308 Winchester. When he does get one, it sells quick.

Final Thoughts

The main topic of importance with the 30-06, 270, and 30-30, they are effective on medium sized game. I have never hunted large game, so I cannot offer an opinion on that.

If someone were to walk into a gun store and pick out either of those three cartridges, chances are they would be well served for the rest of their life.

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