Preppers: Symbolism of the “Red Case”


Preppers: Symbolism of the “Red Case”

While watching a video about the removal of jiggers (not chiggers), the guy filming the video kept using the words, “red case.” He described a red case as, “Someone who cannot understand what jiggers are, or how they became infected.” In other words, a red case is someone who is a little slow upstairs.

The jiggers in question are fleas that burrow into victims’ feet. The flea feeds on the victims’ blood supply, reproduces under the skin, releases its eggs, then dies under the skin. The rotting flea can cause a range of infections, such as staph, tetanus, etc.

Jiggers and chiggers are two different things. The vast majority of jigger infections are on the bottom of the feet. Chiggers leave the body, while jiggers die under the skin and cause infections.

Someone ask me, “Kevin, how does this relate to prepping?’

I am glad you asked.

Red Cases

Some people who do not understand the importance of prepping. They may ignore current events, or may be willfully ignorant. They either ignore history, do not know history, or choose to downplay situations.

Just as the people who remove jiggers try to talk to the victim to explain how the infection is contracted, so a prepper may talk to non-preppers.

The difference between red cases and non-preppers:

  • Red cases are a little slow and may not understand what is being told to them.
  • Non-preppers make a decision to stay ignorant.


Just as a jigger burrows under the skin and drinks the blood of its victim, non-preppers drain resources from the people who prepare.

When something happens, such as a hurricane, earthquake, etc, resources are limited. Preppers and their family use the items they have stockpiled. Then along comes the non-prepper needing food, water, shelter, whatever they can get.

Jiggers drain the blood, cause infection, and leave the host weak.

Non-preppers drain resources, and leave the group weak.

Final Thoughts

Is there a way to prevent non-preppers from feeding off those who prep? I am not sure.

Not everyone can prep. The elderly and disabled need special attention, so we are not talking about them. This is specifically about people who downright refuse to prep. If someone refuses to prep, there is not much we can do for them. Sooner or later something will happen to open their eyes.

Hopefully, after such an event they will be a little more open-minded.

If someone wants to see the removal of jiggers, check out this YouTube channel.

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