Watch: Christmas Carols Shot on Steel and Other Holiday Fun


Watch: Christmas Carols Shot on Steel and Other Holiday Fun

File this under “weird elf stuff” and also “super-fun things to do with guns.” It’s a series of Christmas carols played with guns by shooting steel targets, but it’s more than just another “musical gun” video.

This time, in between musical numbers executed by guns in the hands of ugly-sweatered elves, one of whom is disturbingly-tattooed (for an elf), we see Santa getting his jollies on full auto. Heck, even the Easter Bunny makes an appearance.

It’s made by the Black Rifle Coffee Company.

Here’s their mission statement:

Black Rifle Coffee Company will provide premium products, deliver the highest quality customer experience, and serve as the premier coffee company to the conservative customer; while honoring those who protect, defend, and support our communities and our country.

And their brand overview:

Black Rifle Coffee Company is the world’s premium conservative coffee company.  Small batch and roast to order, we take pride in the high quality of the products we create.  Our coffee is carefully sourced from a variety of farms in South America, and we roast it knowing it will fuel freedom-loving Americans everywhere.

Ahhh. Good to the last shot.

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