Small Concealment Bags/Cases


Small Concealment Bags/Cases

If you need to carry or transport a single handgun with you, then a small bag could get the job done. As one surveys the numerous catalog and web sites supplying shooting gear and support soft cases and such, many popular bag types are large, multi-pocketed tactical type bags.

Those are great for carrying stuff to the shooting range, to hunting camp, or if you have lots of gear to carry in the trunk of the car or back seat of the truck. The larger tactical bags are made for toting multiple firearms, including handgun and rifle supplies and accessories. They work fine for that, but are a bit much just to carry a single handgun and a couple extra magazines.

Additionally, the larger bags naturally draw more attention. I can hardly unpack my truck at deer camp without somebody wanting to know what is in that big “gun case.” I want to say “none of your business”, but more likely the response is just “some of my stuff.” I never open it up to show what is inside, because frankly, it is not any of their business.

I find the same kinds of nosy intrusions at gun ranges, which is why I built my own at deer camp and no longer go to a public or membership range. Those other shooters don’t really mean anything personal by their inquiries, but I am pretty private about my gear and equipment. The last time I went with a friend just to observe, before he could even carry his bags from the truck to the bench, a small group of guys had already gathered to gawk at his stuff. He just kept it all zipped up until they finally filed away.

If you are packing for a business or pleasure trip across state or elsewhere, you may not need or want a larger type gun case-bag especially the ones with magazine pouches sewn on the outside. However, you may want more discreet security than a pistol in a holster, even a concealed carry holster. Use small cases with a zipper or Velcro ® closure.

Sometimes you may task a bag or case that was not really intended to carry a gun, but they work out well for just that. My wife recently showed me a small zipper bag for women to carry makeup or whatever. I had her get me one in black that can carry a small pistol and a couple magazines hidden beside my truck seat. Often a small bag is just the ticket for single gun carry.

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