Watch: How to Stay Out of Jail When Building a Rifle


Watch: How to Stay Out of Jail When Building a Rifle

Alex “AK” Kincaid is a lawyer who does gun videos. In this one, she talks about the legalities of building AR-style rifles at home for your own use.

Her three main rules are as follows:

  1. Build For Your Own Personal Use
  2. Know What You’re Buying
  3. Know What You’re Building

To expand on that:

Build For Your Own Personal Use

Building for others can be hairy, and might get you into a big bowl of badness. So only build guns for yourself.

Know What You’re Buying

Be sure all the stuff you’re buying can legally be assembled in your home state. (If not, I suggest you move.)

Know What You’re Building

Figure out whether you are building a standard rifle, a pistol, or a short-barreled rifle (SBR), and stick with it from the time you first begin building on your lower.

Of course, she goes into much greater detail. And since she’s qualified and I’m not, I’ll let her do the talking.

Please tell us about your builds in the comments below.

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