Watch: How To Avoid Garand Thumb


Watch: How To Avoid Garand Thumb

Hickok45 makes some great videos. In this one, he provides instructions on how to avoid Garand Thumb.

For those of you who do not know what Garand Thumb is, it is when the rifle bolt slams your thumb into the front of the receiver. The M1 Garand magazine is internal fixed, and is loaded through the top of the rifle with a clip. Once the clip is inserted, the bolt slams forward.

How do you avoid Garand Thumb?

Hickok45 provides an excellent demonstration.

I liked the part where the bolt broke the pencil.  If there was enough force to tear the metal around the eraser, the bolt would probably do the same thing to your hand.

Place the back side of your hand against the bolt handle, insert clip, remove thumb, and release bolt.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Even though the M1 Garand was designed for another era in shooting history, it is still sought after and still demands a premium price. Maybe demand reflects the reliability, quality and history of the rifle?  Besides the lever action, is there anything more iconic than the M1 Garand?

Special thank you to Hickok45 for another outstanding video. Keep up the excellent work.

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